Leandro Facchinetti


I’m a PhD candidate in Computer Science, at The Programming Languages Laboratory, at the Johns Hopkins University, advised by Dr. Scott Smith.

I’m interested in writing & reading, music & video production, running, mindfulness, minimalism, and veganism.

I live in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.


2019-10-19: I ran on Baltimore Running Festival. I ran a 5K followed by a half-marathon, in the so-called Baltimoron-a-thon. I succeeded in my two goals: to run the entire course without stopping or walking, and to finish the half-marathon in less than 3 hours 🎉

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2019-09: I started teaching Object-Oriented Software Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University.

2019-07: My paper Higher-order Demand-driven Program Analysis was published on the ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS).

2019-06: I made public the repository in which I’m working on my dissertation: Yocto-CFA.


A Minimal LaTeX Dissertation Template (for the Johns Hopkins University)

Understanding the Type of call/cc

Playing the Game with PLT Redex

Email Migration: The Ultimate Solution to a Ridiculous Problem



me@leafac.com · leandro@jhu.edu

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