Leandro Facchinetti


I am a writer of prose, software and music. I am a Ph.D. student at the Programming Languages Laboratory, at the Johns Hopkins University. I research a program analysis technique called Demand-Driven Program Analysis.

My interests are computer programming, music, books, typography, lettering, education, minimalism and veganism. I live in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

I am 27 years old and I have been writing software for over a decade. Most of my career has been in web products and I also developed natural-language-processing applications, system administration tools and programming-language theory.

I believe that knowledge should be free as in freedom. Software included. So I contribute to Free Software and teach.

I was born in Brazil and lived there most of my life. My undergraduate degree is from Universidade de São Paulo.

I enjoy a frugal, simple, minimalist lifestyle. I own as few things as possible. I do not own a cell phone or participate in Internet social networks.

I play the guitar and write my own songs. I am also into electronic music production and computer generated music.

I am vegan. I do not eat and do not use any animal-derived products. I cook most of my meals, instead of eating out.

I read about a book per week. Both fiction and non-fiction.

The rest of this page lists my accomplishments. Work experiences, education, publications and more.


Ph.D. student in Computer Science, Programming Languages§

Johns Hopkins University, from 2014-09 to 2019-09 (estimated)

M.S. in Computer Science§

Johns Hopkins University, from 2014-09 to 2016-10

B.S. in Computer Science§

Universidade de São Paulo, from 2008-02 to 2012-09

Work experience§

Raise Sistemas§

Software Developer, from 2014-02 to 2014-08

Das Dad§

Software Developer, from 2013-02 to 2013-12

Universo Online (UOL)§

Junior System Analyst, from 2012-03 to 2013-02

Daitan Group§

Intern in Software Development, from 2011-07 to 2012-02




Reading: 28/30. Listening: 29/30. Speaking: 24/30. Writing: 27/30. Total: 108/120.


Verbal reasoning: 154/170. Quantitative reasoning: 166/170. Analytical writing: 3.5/6.

Oracle Certified Java Programmer§

Score: 90%


The 17th Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP 2016)§

2016-06-08, 2016-06-10
Alexander Rozenshteyn presented the paper What is Your Function? Static Pattern Matching on Function Behavior, of which I am a co-author.

IBM Programming Languages Day 2015§


The Developer’s Conference Florianópolis 2014§

Talked about HTTP/2 and the future of web technologies.

iMasters InterCon 2013§


iMasters InterCon + Android 2013§


RubyConf Brazil 2013§


Coding Dojo at FAI§

Co-hosted a full day of activities for undergraduate Computer Science students which included a lecture about Git and a Coding Dojo.


Talked about modern Java development techniques and tools.

Dev in Sampa 2012§


RubyConf Brazil 2012§


Coding Dojo@SP§

From 2012 to 2013
Promoted, hosted and participated in several Conding Dojos for the local developer community.


From 2012 to 2013

Profissão Java (Java Career)§


Conexão Java (Java Connection)§


18º Simpósio Internacional de Iniciação Científica da Universidade de São Paulo (18th International Scientific Initiation Symposium from Universidade de São Paulo)§

Presented the paper Sistema de Navegação Visual Baseado em Correlação de Imagens Visando a Aplicação em Veículos Autônomos Inteligentes (Visual Navigation System Based on Image Correlation Targeted to Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles).

III Workshop on Computational Intelligence—WCI. Joint Conference 2010—SBIA—SBRN—JRI§

Presented the paper Navegação Visual de Robôs Móveis Autônomos Baseada em Métodos de Correlação de Imagens (Visual Navigation of Autonomous Mobile Robots Based on Image Correlation Methods).

IV Workshop de Iniciação Científica e Tecnológica de Computação (WICT) (IV Scientific and Technologic Initiation Workshop)§

Presented the paper Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento de Robôs Móveis Autônomos com Navegação Baseada em Correlação de Imagens (Research and Development of Autonomous Mobile Robots with Image-Correlation-Based Navigation).

II Computer Science Bachelor’s Workshop from Universidade de São Paulo§

Represented students in discussion with professors about improvements on the structure of the Computer Science course.

PHP Conference Brazil§



Introduction to Ableton Live§

Erin Barra in Coursera, 2016

Introduction to Music Production§

Loudon Stearns in Coursera, 2015

Natural Language Processing§

Michael Collins in Coursera, 2013

FJ-25—Java Advanced—Persistence with Hibernate and JPA§

Caelum, 2012

Software Engineering for Software as a Service (Part I)§

Armando Fox and David Patterson in Coursera, 2012
Scored 2120.6 out of 2126.

Secure Development for Web Programmers§

Universo Online (UOL), 2012

Scrum and Agile Methodologies§

Universo Online (UOL), 2012


Universo Online (UOL), 2012

MC128—Introduction to Java EE§

Globalcode in the open4education program, 2012

Java Programming Intro Course§

SENAI, 2006

Tableless I§

Visie, 2006

Advanced Course of English§

CNA, 2004