Leandro Facchinetti


The author typesets the website in Pollen, a Racket library by Matthew Butterick. The CSS comes from a css-expr source, a language designed by the author. The software for drawing vector graphics is Inkscape. The serif font is Charis SIL, by SIL International—a font designed after Charter, by Matthew Carter, from Bitstream. The sans-serif font is Source Sans Pro and the monospaced font is Source Code Pro, both by Paul D. Hunt from Adobe Systems. Illustrations come from Font Awesome, by Dave Gandy and Fort Awesome; the Elementary icon set, by elementary OS; EmojiOne 2.2.7, by EmojiOne; Material Design icons and Noto Emoji by Google; and Twemoji by Twitter. Colors come from the Solarized colorscheme, by Ethan Schoonover. Syntax highlighting uses Pygments. The page layout draws from the works of Matthew Butterick and Edward Rolf Tufte.